D Y Patil Hospital & University, Navi Mumbai, has always endeavoured to be at the cutting edge of science, academia and research. While we will be the first to admit that there is much to be done yet, we have constantly strived to keep moving in the right direction.

To further this most noble of causes, we proudly announce the launch of 'D Y Patil Journal of Health Sciences'.

The DYPJHS is an open forum journal, which shall be a platform to showcase research and advances in science from the world of medicine, as well as related health sciences, such as dentistry, ayurveda, biotechnology, occupational and physiotherapy, nursing care and sports science.

This journal is open and accessible to the entire medical fraternity, without any bias of academic affiliation, geographical location, chosen vocation, or field of representation.

The purpose is to eliminate exclusivity, but, nonetheless, encourage scientific and research attitude in professionals from all levels of health sciences; teaching faculty, consultants, as well as grass root practitioners.

Nevertheless, despite it being a broad platform of various fields and professionals, the journal shall subscribe to the highest standards of peer review and quality of publication.

We urge you to take advantage of this platform, and help further our cause of progressive academia and scientific - enquiry oriented attitude.

We are confident that professionals of your eminence shall not just participate in this activity enthusiastically themselves, but also encourage and mentor their proteges to contribute articles and papers actively.